Mmmmm Southern’ cookin’….

Morning…(in Fred’s voice from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1, for those who know what I’m talking about…:))

tee hee…

It’s just another normal busy week here at Meredith…finals, projects, presentations…you know, the usual.

So this blog will be about the following: food.

I’m going to be honest. The BDH (Belk Dinning Hall) in no 5-star restaurant, nor does it taste like one. The one thing that we all look forward to (besides the always available cereal options) are the deserts. It’s like there’s someone’s grandmother baking various sweets in the kitchen. Personally, I think it’s a conspiracy to make us all fat but that’s another story…!

Every now and then, the BDH (after about a month or two, you guys will start calling it BDH too:)) surprises us angels with new options at lunch time. For example, for Valentine’s Day, there is normally a display full of cupcakes, cookies, rice krispie treats, and this year jelly beans and chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles (I happened to get two or three bags..shhhhh!). The past couple weeks, the BDH has been coming up with all sorts of fun lunch ideas!

Sometime last week, maybe Friday, it was ‘make-your-own-smoothie’ day. OMGGGGG mine was epic. I had …strawberry, mango, and…banana I think. The best part was that I had been planning on getting a smoothie from the Beehive after going to the gym!

Last Thursday, they had sushi day for the second or third time. Oh! Not only did they have sushi, but theyalso had miso soup (it’s like a broth mixed with tofu and noodles..and….kelp..or…seaweed….I’m not really sure…but I don’t die so I just eat it:D).

This Tuesday was the Vendor Showcase, where they feature food from various companies and vendors. This week, there were little treasure chest shaped packages that contained bags of jalapeno cheddar Chex-Mix, caramel Bugles, and butterscotch oatmeal bars.

This week, the cheesy eggs were ON POINT, the banana pudding was EPIC, the chocolate pudding with oreos, whipped cream and white chocolate chips was AMAZING, and the grilled cheese was….MMMM! It’s not always great, but occasionally, there are things to look forward to at the BDH!

Here’s a picture of my sushi lunch, miso soup, and rubber duckies in my to-go box, all for Earth Day:)


Who’ll be watching a lot of HGTV this summer?…This girl!!


Haha…didn’t feel like saying the normal “hey”…:D

Anyways, I hope you all are looking forward to dorm life! It’s not perfect, but I do love it.

My freshman year, I lived in Heilman on the first floor (well until we moved to the third…it took up 2 hours to move all of our things, the fastest move in history!) and I really liked Heilman. It was far from my classes, but the sink, toilet, and shower were all separate. There was a desk, a built in bookshelf, pull-out beds with storage spaces (I seriously miss those things), dressers, door mirrors, and huge closets. The room was pretty spacious, although you couldn’t move any furniture around. Although they are a little different in design, Poteat, Heilman, and Barefoot had the same furniture. Freshman were able to move into one of the upperclassmen dorms due to renovations in Barefoot, but because I don’t know the options for upcoming Freshman, I won’t describe anything.

I currently live in 4th Vann, and I pretty much love my room. The bathroom is across the hall, but that’s not always a bad thing. Let’s see…my room has two windows with cubby like areas, moveable furniture, and I even have a little cubby area in the wall at the head of my bed. Fourth floor rooms are great because you are on the same floor as laundry, you get to control your heating and air, the bathrooms are bigger, and…you get exercise up those steps!

Next year, I am living in the new on-campus apartments and I am SO EXCITED! I cannot wait to cook my own food, to decorate, to have separate sinks and toilets again, to get out of the dorms, and most of all, TO HAVE MY OWN ROOM! Having been an only child for…18 years, having a roommate isn’t always fun. My apartment is a four bedroom place with a fridge, oven, two sinks on each side, a living room, kitchen, washer and dryer, and I think a table and a dishwasher.

Funny story though…last year, my roommate and I got along…but she was extremely messy and slept all the time, and I liked to open the blinds and have the tv on. Second semester, she basically always stayed with my current roommate who was down the hall from us. You would think that things would be awkward and that we wouldn’t talk; however, we are closer than we were last year, and she’s also my current neighbor. I guess that goes to show that not everyone can room together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be really good friends. Sometimes, you just can’t live with people.

So…this is a thing to think about when you’re picking a roommate. You guys could be best friends, like my suite-mates, you guys could be eh-okay friends, you guys could even hate each other. One thing that you should remember is to not come in with negative thoughts about your roommate. If you do, that’s all you will think about. I know for me, I have had a couple of issues with signing up for my apartment. I am signed up to room with my friend and two girls who I’m not close to, but at the same time, who I don’t really know. So I’m going to practice what I preach this summer and this fall. I’ll have to remember to be positive and make it work!…and if all fails, spend endless hours decorating my room, staying in my room, or mooching off my friends’ apartment across the fall:D

Pictures later…!

May the odds be ever in your favor…

Hey ladies!

I hope you all are doing great!

So…the topic of this blog is…..*drum roll please*….the HUNGER GAMESSSSSSSS!

Yeah, it’s my new obsession.

So…my friend Shimoli (she’s like the trend setter of the group…I swear it makes no sense how influential this girl is…! First Korean dramas, then Hunger Games, saying “meh”…) started reading the series and loved it. Somehow, she got my friend Puja into it, and my friend Cristina, and then Glenda into the series. They were soooo annoying. Always talking about this weird series. I would always laugh when I heard Peeta’s name. The boy’s a baker?? His father was a baker and his name is PEETA??? I would always yell. “PEETA-BREAD!”

So the movie was coming out, and my friends bought tickets in advance. They invited me, but I didn’t want to see the movie for a book I hadn’t read. I wouldn’t understand! However, one of our friends decided not to go last minute, so….I decided to take her place. The previews looked pretty cool, after all. The night before, we all stayed up to paint our nails the colors of the various districts. I chose a green and a sparkly coal color. I had chosen districts two and twelve, which was cool because I had learned about Peeta, and Josh Hutcherson (the actor) was adorable.

At the beginning of the movie, I was irritated by the camera work, but then I figured that this was an important and nerve wracking scene for the character. So I let it go and kept watching.

I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen it yet, but I loved the movie. Absolutely loved it. It had me on the edge of my seat, it had me close to tears, and probably like a ton of other girls (or maybe not…Peeta could be my other “husband” besides Harry Potter…), falling in love with Peeta Mellark.

When the movie ended, I told myself that I wasn’t going to read the books. I was worried that I wasn’t going to like the movie or something. …I don’t know what I was thinking. Soon after, I had borrowed the book from my friend and I slowly began to read it. Then over Easter Break, …I literally ate that stuff up. I was hooked. I finished the second book last Saturday at 4 o’clock in the morning. These are books that once you get into them, you cannot put them down.I bought the third one, but I’m waiting until I have devoted time to start it. Now that I know the story, basically, the series details the story of Katniss Everdeen, a girl growing up in district 12 of the “13” districts of Panem. The Capitol, which basically rules over all of the districts, holds the Hunger Games, a deadly competition where a boy and a girl are chosen to battle from each district, every year as a reminder of the attempted uprising that ended with the Capitol in control. The story takes off at the “reaping,” when tributes are selected to battle, of district 12.

So since the summer is coming up (…well….for us, in a month or two for you all), it’s a great time to start the books if you like to read. They have suspense, action, romance, and a great story wrapped into a couple of chapters. I think we all screamed, cried, cheered, etc. at various points in the book, they are that good. I will warn you, they are a little gory, especially the movie.

But if my nerd moment wasn’t too bad, I really do recommend that you guys read these books. I thought that they would be kind of stupid…but I was wrong!

So I also fell in love with the soundtrack of the movie, and here are a couple of my favorite songs. They also show the different genres of the album. Hope you all enjoy:)

I was going to talk about the Annual Juried Art Show but…

Hey ladies!

Hope you all are doing great…

So how many of you have senior-itis by now?? When I was a senior, honestly I didn’t, but a lot of my friends did! All I have to say is have fun, but be careful! I’ve always heard that colleges are always watching, so don’t slack off toooooo much!

Agh, speaking of senior year…I would LOVE to go back to my senior year…for the most part, it was great. For my final two years of high school, I went to an arts school in Charlotte, NC. We had rainbow painted poles, painted ceiling tiles, music and bands at lunch, and an awesome first senior trip. We had rivals between artists, dancers, musicians, and thespians, teachers who were didn’t sugar coat things and who were fun, and a theatre program that did an amazing job with the musical Hair. I had AP Studio, Painting II, a modern dance class, an online Spanish class (there was a group of us with morning online classes, and we were very studious. ….except when someone would go to ‘’ and ‘,’ or if we would start to play ‘who-turned-my-computer-monitor-off’), AP English, and oh yeah, Pre-Calculus. The fact that math and I are not really friends, Pre-Calc was not my best class. Instead I think AP Studio and Painting II were my favorite…I loved the teachers, in Painting II we had a class of 5 people, we had a lot of freedom, and both classes allowed me to grow as an artist.

My point is, enjoy your senior year as much as you can! Go to prom (don’t be like me, and say that you don’t want to go because you don’t have a date), keep your grades, enjoy the warmth of your parents (I love dorm life, but at times I do miss being at home and just sitting around the couch with my parents), skip a couple of classes (just saying…:D), go out with your friends to hold on to those relationships, do whatever it is that normal high schools do (unless you currently go to an arts school :DDD), and…just be happy.


So I think this came out around my senior year, but it’s still a good song! I try not to cry when I hear it…!

(haha…this is NOT what I had planned to blog about…but hope you all enjoy it anyway!)

Don’t wear jeans to a formal event….

Hey ladies!

How are you all?

….I’ve been better. Sick AGAIN on top of another crazy week…three tests, a presentation and a performance on Saturday…ugh.

But anyway, it now being the month of March, I hope that you are all excited about coming to Meredith! I know I was…ask my mom. Or my dad. He says he thought I would die of excitement…I wasn’t thaaaaat excited. …Okay maybe I was.

So Saturday, we just experienced another one of Meredith’s traditions, “Tea for Two,’ a brunch with your mother or another prominent female figure in your life. I took my momma.

I won’t give away too many details, but it was a very nice event. The decorations were beautiful and very colorful, as were the attendees on the brunch. There was a variety of sun-dresses, sun-hats, dresses, skirts, and dress pants (I didn’t get the ‘sun-dress’ memo….just as a head’s up, don’t wear jeans to a formal event, no matter if they are black and you decide at the last moment that they’ll look fine with your floral shirt. Your mother will NOT be pleased.)

The food was good, the speeches were touching (a couple of tears were shed), the slideshow (pictures of the mother and daughter at a young age, and a recent picture) was cute (especially my pictures! :D), and we even walked away with really nice purple coffee mugs.

So….in conclusion, I encourage you to attend ‘Tea for Two’ with your mom! Or, you can bring any influential or important woman in your life (but no grandmas…..they have their own luncheon in April!). I think that whomever you bring will be touched and will enjoy the morning, I certainly hope that my guest did. 


And as always…pictures! …or some form of media….


Paul Rudd is quite attractive, wouldn’t you agree?

So! Two things.

I was browsing…and I happened to come across ‘7minutes in Heaven: Paul Rudd.’ So of course, I had to go check it out. Go watch it. It’s a hilarious interview that features Rudd answering some awkward questions and doing crazy things. The best part is possibly the ‘paranormal activity’ part:D..just a heads’ up!

Also, I’m pretty sure that you all have seen this, or some form of it, several times on your television screens…

It’s the trailer for the Hunger Games.

Have any of you read the series? Several of my close friends have gotten obsessed with the books, and I’m thinking about reading the Hunger Games (when I have time and when I finish Eat, Pray, Love of course…) too. For those who don’t know, or those who are like me and who haven’t read the book, it details the story of a deadly competition that forces 12 districts to send teenage boys and girls to fight against one another until only one survives.

Since the movie is coming out soon, I’ve just got to decide whether to see the movie first…or to wait and read the book. 

Although I do wonder how popular the series will get, I still believe that Harry Potter is the GREATEST series of all time…! After all, it was my childhood!


Mischief managed…(for those who know what I’m referring too…:))!

I really should keep up my diary…

Hey guys!

How’s it going?

Well for us Angels, and those among the Wolfpack, it’s finally Spring Break! I feel like it’s going by so quickly, but anyway…lets not think about that..!

So today…this morning rather, I was flipping through the channels and I happened to stop on this one movie. Come to find out, it was Bridget Jones’s Diary. I had never seen it before, so I said to myself, why not?? And I sat down with my waffles and Vitamin Water and began to watch it.

I know I’m really late…it’s been out for awhile…but I loved the movie. It had me laughing at Bridget’s crazy habits, squirming at her awkward moments, and staring at Hugh Grant’s good looks.

So..if you’re ever in the mood for a romantic comedy, need a good laugh, want to see Hugh Grant..or you just want to try out a new movie, check this one out!

Here’s one of the many awkward scenes of Bridget Jones’s Diary:)


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